Volkswagen Price List France 2021


Volkswagen Price List France 2021

Volkswagen UP! 15.160 17.737
Volkswagen UP! ACTIVE 15.760 18.439
Volkswagen E-UP! 24.190 28.302
Volkswagen NOUVELLE POLO 18.015 21.078
Volkswagen NOUVELLE POLO GTI 30.635 35.843
Volkswagen GOLF 8 ACTIVE 29.540 34.562
Volkswagen GOLF  8 GTE 46.550 54.464
Volkswagen GOLF 8 GTI 43.425 50.807
Volkswagen GOLF 8 GTD 43.180 50.521
Volkswagen GOLF 8 R 51.135 59.828
Volkswagen GOLF 8 GTI CLUBSPORT 47.200 55.224
Volkswagen  ID.3 PURE PERFORMANCE 34.750 40.658
Volkswagen ID.3 PRO 38.380 44.905
Volkswagen ID.3 PRO PERDORMANCE 39.880 46.660
Volkswagen ID.3 PRO S 43.710 51.141
Volkswagen NOUVELLE GOLF SW 29.070 34.012
Volkswagen NOUVELLE TAIGO 23.380 27.355
Volkswagen T-CROSS 21.845 25.559
Volkswagen T-ROC 27.260 31.894
Volkswagen T-ROC CABRIOLET 35.320 41.324
Volkswagen TIGUAN 32.975 38.581
Volkswagen NOUVEAU TIGUAN ALLSPACE 39.995 46.794
Volkswagen NOUVEAU ID.4 40.600 47.502
Volkswagen NOUVEAU ID.5 13.250 15.503
Volkswagen PASSAT 35.320 41.324
Volkswagen PASSAT SW 36.420 42.611
Volkswagen TOURAN 32.905 38.499
Volkswagen ARTEON 48.710 56.991
Volkswagen ARTEON SHOOTING BRAKE 49.250 57.623
Volkswagen TOUAREG 80.220 93.857

Volkswagen Price List France 2021.xlsx

VolkswagenUP! ACTIVE15.7618.4392
VolkswagenNOUVELLE POLO18.01521.07755
VolkswagenNOUVELLE POLO GTI30.63535.84295
VolkswagenGOLF 8 ACTIVE29.5434.5618
VolkswagenGOLF 8 GTE46.5554.4635
VolkswagenGOLF 8 GTI43.42550.80725
VolkswagenGOLF 8 GTD43.1850.5206
VolkswagenGOLF 8 R51.13559.82795
VolkswagenGOLF 8 GTI CLUBSPORT47.255.224
Volkswagen ID.3 PURE PERFORMANCE34.7540.6575
VolkswagenID.3 PRO38.3844.9046
VolkswagenID.3 PRO PERDORMANCE39.8846.6596
VolkswagenID.3 PRO S43.7151.1407
VolkswagenNOUVELLE GOLF SW29.0734.0119
VolkswagenNOUVELLE TAIGO23.3827.3546
VolkswagenT-ROC CABRIOLET35.3241.3244
VolkswagenNOUVEAU TIGUAN ALLSPACE39.99546.79415
VolkswagenNOUVEAU ID.440.647.502
VolkswagenNOUVEAU ID.513.2515.5025
VolkswagenPASSAT SW36.4242.6114
VolkswagenARTEON SHOOTING BRAKE49.2557.6225
Volkswagen Price List France 2021.xlsx

VALUED AS OF 31.08.2021

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