Alfa Romeo Stelvio Price in Germany


Alfa Romeo Stelvio Price in Germany

  Model Euro
Alfa Romeo GIULIA SUPER 42,500
Alfa Romeo GIULIA LUSSO TI 49,000
Alfa Romeo GIULIA VELOCE 53,000
Alfa Romeo GIULIA VELOCE TI 67,500
Alfa Romeo STELVIO SUPER 49,500
Alfa Romeo STELVIO LUSSO TI 60,000
Alfa Romeo STELVIO VELOCE 60,000
Alfa Romeo STELVIO VELOCE TI 72,500
Alfa Romeo GIULIETTA 19,500
Alfa Romeo GIULIETTA SPRINT 26,500
Alfa Romeo GIULIETTA LUSSO TI 27,500

Alfa Romeo Price List Germany 2021.xlsx

Alfa RomeoGIULIA SUPER42,500
Alfa RomeoGIULIA LUSSO TI49,000
Alfa RomeoGIULIA VELOCE53,000
Alfa RomeoGIULIA VELOCE TI67,500
Alfa RomeoSTELVIO SUPER 49,500
Alfa RomeoSTELVIO LUSSO TI60,000
Alfa RomeoSTELVIO VELOCE60,000
Alfa RomeoGIULIETTA 19,500
Alfa Romeo Price List Germany 2021.xlsx

VALUED AS OF 01.08.2021

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